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May you add Turkey, mate? It's been like 8-10 months since i played this game lol.


(using translator)

I have two questions, Somewhat weird: <.
1- It's me or Spain wear a binder under his shirt?
2- Will there be a UK route?

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i named myshelf 'bit$h' beautyful

can you add easter eggs while naming your character?

like: when you name yourshelf bit$h theres narrator can say something like 'appropriate name for appropriate person' or something like in undertale?

can you add fights or some 'wat?!?!' events like finland have when you make his route? game is just kinda boring without events like it. i know i know that, this is visual novel but meh

btw can you too add grenland as an dateable character p l e a s e. because hes so fricking beautyful and too beautyful for be character who say only some words while doing denmark route!!!!!

city is boring as heelll and this is only thing that you can do in weekend. add some other shops so this is how ill see these shop:

to you wanna buy [e.g. hoodie] for 10$?



and you can wear that item or give it to someone or not cloth e.g. food drinks, or something else

and i have 2 Questions...

number 1: why i cant date ukraine!? just jdfbidgnfi

number 2: why ukraine is a girl...w h y just i am girl and i want to dateeee ukraine my dreaaamm and i am not lesbian (i hope that isnt mean saying that) and i feel uncomfotable dating girl so you can add male ver. for girls please...?

can you add that you can reject when someone confess to you e.g

' not into you, im so sorry but...i dont wanna be your girlfriend/boyfriend' or something like it

add new zeland too please just...just i imagine new zeland arguing with canada then canada starts crying and and and and new zeland starts screamig as heeeeelll and and and and and and and...eeeeh you know what i mean i want d r a m a s

so dont need to add every thing but this is my sucestions or something

greetings lemon moron


Is it possible to date Poland and if so how do you get his route?

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okay soo

this is pretty easy for me

so firstly (i play as a girl so idk it work for bois) join music club bc poland is in it

at the test just click (or press) random options and get C ( you can fail but try do not *-*)

what you say to ame, canada or russ dont mater, you can go study with one of them

i recoment to not talk to anyone else bc it can make you 'fall in love' with someone that you dont wanna do

in monday (when you are in music club) germany will apear from nowhere XD but really just click random options

on lithuana fight with poland just do nothing really just skip that fight

on monday after that fight you can see poland on clubs hallway, talk with him then

click 'i want...apples' or 'just came here to talk' (i dont see that option here mater)

when you have that math project join any group

after that you can see poland in the main hallway, then click 'that would be nice'

at park choose:

'was that a flirt?

'thank you!' (you cant even choose anything else)

at next day you can talk ame or pay attention in class, what you rather

at club room (when you are in music club) you can see 'niemcy' and poland, then say : 

'come on, germany.'

'yes, its amazing.'

'thank you.'

at lesson click 'look around the classroom'

at break go to library - like poland say


'my name is [your name], nice to meet you'

nothing interesting dont happen in library then 'waah'

on wednesday (next day) in first break just skip to next class

on second break go to 'trash cans' - where poland is now

after 'ło kurwa, rosja' (xd)

then choose 'follow poland'

nothing interesting happen today, right..?

and really nothing interesting happen

on next day poland will not appear, so you dont have to check that

we have friday now

first break: nothing interesting apart from russ and ame fighting

in friday nothing happen really nothing

weekend! so you can go into city that are boring as hell!

you got massage from poland when you do everythink right

text him back 'lets go'

then say:


'i tought that you would hate me'

'no, youre not'

poland then confess to you...

ofc you say 'yes!'...

and...tadaaaaa!!! you got it!

hes now your boyfwiend!!!

i hope i help you and i will help you someday again!                                                                                                       



Spain was my favorite


The game is amazing! I just wish there was a Spanish version of the game


Ah, I loved Finland! Weird, 'cause normally I'd fall in love with guys like Sweden.. welp. Cool game! I just wish i could have done more things with Finland because he was cool!


You should add the state of Maine with his old flag,


sorry but can you add brazil,please

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Forgive me for the inconvenience, but which countries will be used as teachers and what is the subject of each of them?

how do you get america's route

pretty much just be dumb and willing to follow him around, always agree with him lol xd

hehe thanks


I cant seem to get Russia or Canada, I'm very desperate please tell me how to get them.

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Hi! I hope you don't mind if I will be the one to answer.

Canada route:

during breaks always choose the place where canada is in. If canada is nowhere to be found, you can just skip break by going to class. And don't forget that you can select floors.

(You can also give gifts! Like soda (it doesn't matter which one, as far as i know), etc. You will see a yellow thingy next to backpack when you are able to do so. Although I will tell you when you can do it anyway)

Fail English test. To do so, always choose the third option. If you did everything right, canada will have to tutor you.

During tutoring ask "Are you and Britain family?" (During this event you can give gift. But you wont be able to buy it beforehand. BUT you will be able to get it if you visit one of the clubs during prologue (VISIT, not JOIN))

During Math project choose Finland, Italy, Canada. Then choose these options:

"We should listen to what Canada has to say"

"I think Canada's is really nice"

During break, in Schoolyard, choose "Follow Canada". Then choose:

"I will help you through this"

"Trust me, I will help as much as i can"

On Tuesday meet with Russia or America during break and agree to help them to find Canada. I recommend Russia tho. You will see why.

On question "Where could he be?" choose the third option.

If you choose to go with Russia, you can say "I love you. You're important and deserve the best things in the world" when you finally find Canada.

During break, in Club hallway (if Canada is there ofc), choose "It's a great idea" and then "Sure".

When you have a choice to write a love letter, do it. Write it for Canada. Context of the letter doesn't matter.

That's all. Other choices don't matter. It also doesn't matter if you study or fall asleep during class. I recommend the 2 option tho, just so you won't waste your energy. 

Russia route:

Pretty much as Canada's. Don't forget to spend time with him on breaks and give him gifts, if you want to ofc.

During the first break choose "Talk to Russia", then "Stay with Russia" (You can give gift during this dialoge)

Pass the test. Always choose the first option, in other words. If you did everything correct, Russia will ask to help him with English. Obviously, you should agree.

When you are in his house ask:

"You like ballet?"

"True, his music was amazing"

"I love Tchaikovsky"

During Math project, join America, Russia and Ukraine. Then choose:

"Shut the f*ck up, both of you"

"Stop fighting, you f*cking idiots"

"Let's use red"

"No, let's keep red"

"I actually remember some stuff about him"

"I think he's famous for the law of hydrostatics"


During Tuesday meet with Russia and help him to find Canada. On question "Where could he be?" choose the third option.

On the next day, during the first break, choose "Not even the most annoying people would like him"

On the next break choose to stay with Russia. Then "I was looking for you" (You can give gift here)

On the next day, during break in Club hallway, choose "Pass it to Russia"

Then just spend time with him during breaks. There won't be any choices there.

Then choose to write a love letter to Russia. Context doesn't really matter once again.

That's all! If you have any questions about other routes (including side routes like Spain, Japan, Italy etc) you can always ask! If I didn't mention some choices, then they don't matter. Do whatever you want. Although, I can't also be sure that everything I DID mention affect anything as well. I just told what I did to get those endings.

You are a literal angel, thank you! I hope you don't mind if I ask for other routes in the future!


Sure! I will be glad to help! Also, If you want to get all of the available routes, you should check "List of routes" in development log, if you didn't do it yet. It contains important information about gender. I had some troubles just because I didn't know that some characters prefer only girls/boys.


Hey. I want to ask you something. How can i get japan's route?

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Hey! Sorry i couldn't answer straight away. I was doing some research on this question. So here is Japans route!

First of all, be sure to select female gender. If you did already, then restart game anyway. Write your name and select gender once again. Then visit art club and choose "Anime" as an answer there. Since if you don't do it, Japan's route doesn't always work... I have no idea why.

Join art club.

When you make a poster with Japan, select these answers:




During math project, join Japan, Germany and Austria. Then choose "I agree with Austria"

Draw something during class whener you have a chance (and if it affects Japan, not Italy). When Japan asks what you are drawing, answer "Anime" and let her look.

During break, in the club room, when Japan asks you what kind of games you like, answer "Visual novels"

If you did everything correctly until this moment, Japan will ask "You also like drawing anime, right?". Anwer "Yeah, why?". Then she will ask to collaborate. You should answer "Of course!"

After that just wait until the classes end (choose to draw something during class once again until then).

After class, select "You're finally here! Let's go work on the dating sim!"

Say "Great idea." when Japan proposes to go to the cafe. 

In cafe choose "Some boba, please!". After that choose "I hope we can go on adventures like that together.". Then agree to meet up with her after school.

On the next day, during break, you can go to club to meet with Japan. But there won't be any choices there. THOUGH you can give gift there.

After some time, during break in club, Japan will ask to help her with code. Answer "Sure!"

At Japan's house, agree to go out with her this weekend. (You can give gift here)

On weekends you will get a text from Japan. Answer "yes!!!"

When Japan asks what would you like to drink, ask for tea. Then say "You're so fast!"

After that answer "I love a slice of anime!"

After playing the game, answer "I did!". As for the favorite part, choose "I loved everything!".

After Japan tells about never being in relationship, say "I would never make fun of you for that."

When you have an otion to write a love letter, choose to talk to Japan. Then select these answers:

"Cute cakes"

"Peach is pretty good"

When Japan asks to meet in front of the school, choose "Alright..."

That's it! Congrats! If you didn't get the ending, try to restart game once again. Or always fall asleep during class. The reason may be in you being low on energy or something. There is also a second route. At least that's what the list of routes says. There is also a picture of it in game files. I've been trying to find it these past 2 days, but I didn't succeed... I really am sorry :(. All I could get is new dialogs. And even if I had good relationships with Japan there, game still didn't give me a chance to date her anyway. Maybe I'll look into this question further and find something more... I'll be sure to let you know if so!


I just want to know before getting this: Are you a guy or girl in this game or is the gender non-specified? I'm asking because I feel a bit uncomfortable playing as a girl in these types of games so I'd just like to know before hand.


Same thing with me, luckily you get to choose your gender in this one.


Please. I'm begging. Make Sweden and Hungary dateable! please.


so cute! I love it uwu

i love the game so much, i had so much fun when playing haha, but i still don't know how 2 get america ending lmao. if someone knows pls help me thanks <3

Yeah I can try and help. I think you just need to keep hanging out with him. Then when you try and look for Canada you go with America instead of Russia. That way he'll sort of confess to you in the café. After that just work your way into writing the love letter. If it doesn't work then I'm really sorry :(

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I love this game 100/10 one of my dreams finally came true thanks to you

I'll be looking forward to every update and new endings, though I also wish the countries were hotter ... well that was weird.

se lo adora 


Está disponible el idioma Español?


i love this game! i want a lil more aussie tho (the refrence was simply amazing tho) also why you gotta make the teachers hot ;-; i wanted to date uk and india the whole time!

but fr tho, awsome game 10/10 would reccomend


Hey great game! :D

But I wonder if you would add more stuff to our house or room and maybe more apps?and cloths?so you can do more stuff on the weekends.

Yk, I've wondered what the strength bar is for, is there a possiblity that an attack scene comes on in the game? or am i just dumb and that's already in the game?


Omg, i'm fcking love this game. Will there be more update in the future?


yes, i have a lot of plans for em


The mobile version and the new update are  j u s t   a m a i z i n g   

Came back after days of playing and send my friends weird shit of me simpin- I MEAN loving all the characters i can say that this game is so frikin cool and I appreciate every single thing about it man 


thanks bro


how come whenever i click on an item in my inventory it says i can't use it. am i being stupid?


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you can give them to characters when you see three lines next to the backpack

ohhhh i see thank you so much :)


is it possible to date Sweden?


not yet, but it will be possible in the future


I- I literally have no words. Just 10/10. You did amazing!

thanks bro


Words cannot describe how much I love this game. The characters aren't sterotyped (ex. America being a guns boi), the amount of diversity that was added within the current cast and most importantly, the fact that the characters aren't based off their goverment figures. This game hides itself under a goofy facade, until you make it through one of the (side) character endings. The game tones down the humor and the seriousness arises. I don't associate with the main countryhumans fandom myself (and never will, it's disgusting). But MY GOD this has so much potential. The only suggestion  I have for the game at the moment is to at least extend the plot a little. Days go by kinda fast, therefore the endings come quicker. A good solution here would be to make some of the freetime conversations longer and add a bit more dialogue to the routes. I can't wait to see what's in store for this game in the future! Keep up the amazing work, lemon man!


thank you man!! im workin very hard on it and im glad to hear that you like it :DD

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jhon, what does the three line thingy around the backpack mean?? and are you gonna add the comment section feature?? i think it would be cool!

what three line thingy? 

wait no i gte it, it eans that you can give items to characters

ohh okay! tyy


I did an experiment with Italy... John, why did you add a psychotic version of Italy? I'm traumatized.

(Pretty cool game tho)

P.S: Don't say no to Monik- Italy..


Basically, you do his route, but you sometimes talk to other people like for example Russia instead of Italy.

 when he asks you if you want to see his play, you say you're busy... and you hang out with other countries after rejecting?... That's what I did.  

But be sure the main character says he feels watched.  (He has to be a boy)

If it didn't work I can try to explain better...

And you have to write a love letter to someone.

Deleted 110 days ago

so I dont need to go to club always right? I have to hang out with the others and ignore him after I kinda made him "fall in love"? Also my character has to be a boy right? 

Sorry for so many questions but when I saw "psychotic version of Italy" i knew I had to do this 

I still visited the drama club, and made some of the activities like when he asks you to write a love poem.


Does anyone know how to get Canadas ending? I swear ive made him and Ame make up, give him a gift and tried all 3 options for when you follow him after when him and America fight 


so dont go w amercia, go w russia, it gives a more stronger diolage choice to use 


So, I was attempting to get Finlands ending when Denmark came and I was hanging out with him. I thought since he bar with Finland was fully maybe it would trigger something that I was trying to get Denmarks now. It would be cool if something happened if you did that. Its just a suggestion, no need to add it. The game is amazing btw



this game had me cackling dude


I love the way that CUM just shows up at random points in the game



Clickbaited me by the word pp but ok 10/10 game i lov the artstyle cute

I'm having a difficult time getting Japans route, I'm pretty sure I've been doing everything right but I can just never seem to be able to get her route
do you think you could make it a bit easier in the next update?


Worried it would be appropriating to personify literal countries, it wasn't too bad. Love the animations and the little background texts, they made me laugh out loud. Other than that, the story was a little dull and the dialogue far too simple for me. 


i get that, im still workin on it so maybe someday the story will be at least a bit better


Right, I keep forgetting many of these NV games are still WIPs. Still, there’s a lot of potential here! I’d absolutely replay it if/when you release a new update. :)


It looks soo good :DD looking forward when you update it :)))


this game slaps ass holy shit (but seriously im having a ahrd time tryna get all the endings)  n e way, since south korea is in there,,,,,,,,, maybe we can get north too? 😳😳

I don't think i'll add north korea, sorry dude

ill add other characters though


Loved the game. I'd be really happy if you added Portugal <3

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