A downloadable gay ass visual novel for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

I'm no longer working on this game.

You're going to a new school (✰•* wow *•✰) . You're greeted by 3 twi- Twinkies and they show you around school. You can confess to one of the 4 main characters:

- very kewl
- very american
- canada's brother
- a lil turd
- lonely cunt
- America's brother
- doesn't have that many friends
but potato-potahto really
- the tragic backstory guy
- always wears his hat
- friends whats that
- the tsundere baka guy
- metalman
- a lil turd also but slightly less so

or 8 side characters!

Download now

Suggest new stuff

You can also suggest new things to add like characters (and their designs), music, places etc. on the Discord* or here, dude. And yeah, I made a fucken discord for this game. And yeah it does contain swear words. Please don't tell my dad.

Report bugs, comrade

Comrade, if you do find any bugs, mispellings, grammar errors etc.  contact me on my Discord*.  I will fix them as quickly as possible.

It's not like I want to know your opinion on the game, b-baka

You know that I made a survey about the dating sim, right, you d-dummy? It's here if you really want to give me feedback on the game. Hmph, idiot! I will slam your head against the wall until there is nothing left.


  • 4 main dateable characters
  • 8 side dateable characters (more in the future)
  • 15 endings (more in the future)
  • A lot of locations (more in the future)
  • Inventory system and items you can give to characters
  • In-game phone with character info
  • penis 
  • actually no there is no countryhuman penis but there is the word penis

I hope you enjoy the game, have fun

*If the link doesn't work, tell me - johns emazing films#6419

Updated 11 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorJohn's Emazing Films
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
Tags2D, Anime, countryhumans, Cute, Dating Sim, Fangame, First-Person, LGBT, Short
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksDiscord, again, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube

Install instructions

What is up, chodesters, this is XxxKillerMattyBPatterson420xxX and today I'll be showing you how to install 'Countryhumas - Dating Simulator', the gayest game on this gay ass planet.

If you are on PC just download it (obviously) and then right-click on the folder 'Extract All...' and choose your folder. Then you can play the game freely.

If you are on Mac  just double click on the zip file or something I don't own a mac computer.

If you are on Linux then open the tar and get the exe file and open that shit and you're good mate.

and if you are on Android download the APK. After it's installed  it should be on your home screen. This version should also work on chromebooks.


If you are updating the game then download it like you normally would but this time delete the old file. You don't have to though. It's just that old saves won't work on it anyway.

Don't move the EXE file out of the folder, then the game won't work. If you want to make a shortcut right-click on the exe file and then choose 'make shortcut'.

If you have problems go over to my Discord and go to #help so I and some other cunts there can help ya.


Windows requirements

  • Version: Windows Vista or higher.
  • CPU: 2.0 GHz Core 2 Duo
  • RAM: 2.0 GB
  • Graphics: OpenGL 2.0 or DirectX 9.0c

Mac requirements

  • Version: 10.10+
  • CPU: 2.0 GHz Core 2 Duo (64 bit only)
  • RAM: 2.0 GB
  • Graphics: OpenGL 2.0


CH-DS 0.13 PC ver. 189 MB
CH-DS0.13 Mac ver. 188 MB
CH-DS 0.13 Linux ver. 193 MB
CH-DS 0.13 Android ver. 209 MB

Development log


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how do i romance russia ?

Although, but I'm the only one who thinks the style of painting... Well! ⊙∀⊙!


sex scene with france please


queens death if you think about it she probably wanted it sense you can't retire I am not wrong tho like you can't retire and it probably hurts to live for like 96 years and 70 of those years be a queen




The line with Spain is amazing but truly too short, I wish line with him would be longer...


russia rejected me and now im crying #Slay


dlc where you add england reacting to the queen's death when?




I really like Sweden. He seems to be an interesting boy with high EQ. Please make his route as soon as possible.🤪


I want to know how to get the route to Canada 

Deleted 20 days ago

sweden doesn't have a route



this was so cute and hilarious; please add more routes!


How do I get Polands route?

You need to have she/her pronouns or else your game breaks when going for this route btw. Literally. Not so bad that you need to uninstall it but bad enough that you make it to SUNDAY OF THE SECOND WEEK  which is basically impossible and you won't be able to do anything. No ending, nothing...

Anyways, you're a girl, right? Join music club, say you like the superior Chopin because he is superior. Accept all of his gifts, hang out with him. In class, choose to look around and you'll be invited to the library to hang with him and his "brothers". Get the sacred rock. Get a hot Polish date. IT'S SO WORTH IT TRUST ME THE ENDING XJHSGRHSHDHHJDGHSHSH

7th grade girl's suck they whine to much

I JUST FINISHED IT HOLY SHIT IT'S HOT.. So I'm guessing Poland isn't gay? That sucks :( 


i want to reject denmarks goofy ass



instead of saying that to his face we can go home early and he won't have a chance to confess lmaooo

I must say I was not expecting much from this game but omg very second of this game I love'd the story everything love it


add China 😳

oh my  god!!!!!

(1 edit) (+1)

does anyone know how to get yandere italy's route ?


Got him first try go to drama club and suck up to him

very cool


Does anyone know how to get america´s route. I´ve been tryna find it like a dummy and still can´t find it. I´ll be really happy if someone tells me :v.

Nevermind already found it, I just found out America is an otaku and yes I am tryna figure out japan´s route and other side characters. I´m really satisfied with the game..

Oh really?. Could you tell me how to get it?, I haven't done it yet and I've tried repeatedly, but without any success :"D I would really appreciate it

Oh sure, sorry for not answering earlier, all you have to do is agree with everything he says and help him get Canada back. Then you can confess to him on Monday and he will say yes.

Don't worry, anyway, thanks for answering me, I'll do it :D, really, thank you very much.

So I´ve been playing this game and I think it´s pretty good, I already got Russia ending and Canada. But I still don´t know how to get america(I would be happy if someone told me how). It´s completly safe and doesn´t have virus and it also has diferent endings. Its my favorite game!! Congrats to the developers, keep going.


I deleted my old account, made a new account, forgot the password, changed the password, did an empty brain moment, remembered what I was doing in the first place, forgot what I was doing, remembered what I was doing in the first place, and came here, just to say, my dumbass couldn't figure out how to date Germany; therefore, this game is trash /hj.


i need. WE need Sweden route asappp

i know theres will be the last update for chds but I NEED SWEDEN ROUTE REEE

(1 edit)

Does anyone know how to get south korea's route ?

Sorry but there is no korea´s route..


actually there is a korea route. it's a platonic route


after taking a look into the game files, i saw that you can only date male countries. so you are either gay or female

You can date Japan too, but her route is a little hard to get (or so full of bugs it just wouldn't work idk)

I love this game so much !! I didn't expect I can date Denmark !!! 

Can u date Ukraine? 


Can anyone tell me how to get the russia or germany ending? I kept getting the spain or denmark's ending :'v

for the russia ending, you gotta talk to russia a lot and stuff and then write a love letter to him during class on monday.

for germany, you have to talk to germany a lot and agree to see him when he wants you to review something he wrote for "this person i have a crush on."

sorry i haven't played the game in a month or two this is all i remember :(

Ohh thank you for talling me! :)

the android version is 'safe to download' right.?

yeah it is


i like vanilla,how dare you say that nobody likes vanilla

Does ur character have to be male to get the Japan ending??


no, in fact it's the opposite. you have to be female. japan's ending is currently kinda bugged and john is going to have it fixed in the next update :)


HOLY SHIT A CH GAME THATS NOT A MEME OR CRINGE??? AND THERES NO CIRCLE TOOL HEADS???? EFHBJSDAK FUKIN AMAZING!! sorry for the caps lock fangirl squeal, im saving this bc this is an absolute rarity but ill sadly not be playing it bc of personal headcannon reasons. but this is an amazing game for this fandom and should be considered the standard for ch games. ^-^

ok, but u gotta admit the bios of the characters and the backgrounds are kinda meme-y 😭

i dont mind the bios, its standard ch stuff and as for the backgrounds i havent played the game so i have no opinion :/


How can I get Italy Yandere's route

Just woo italy in class but at breaks go to finland, if it works there would be extra text that would tell u ur being watched


There is a problem with Japan's routes😢😢😢When will it be repaired?


i still love this and i dont regret it


me too


I'm losing my mind over this


Well maybe cAUSE its kind of hard to find the diferent routs though. But I still don´t regret dowlowding it. But sometimes It does break my mind.


Went n with little expectations, left impressed and enjoying it. Great with like friends who can voice act it with you.

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