A downloadable gay ass visual novel for Windows and macOS

Welcome to 'Countryhumans - Dating Sim (v0.10)'

You're going to a new school (✰•* wow *•✰) . You're greeted by 3 twi- Twinkle twinkle little stars and they show you around school. You can confess to one of the 4 main characters:

✰ very kewl
✰ very american
✰ canada's brother
a lil turd
♡ very lonely
♡ America's brother
♡ doesn't have that many friends
☼ the tragic backstory guy
☼ always wears his hat
☼ friends whats that
❄ the tsundere baka guy
❄ metalman
❄ a lil turd also but slightly less so
and 3 other side characters too!


Help the game's development, comrade

Comrade, if you do find any bugs, mispellings, grammar errors etc.  contact me on my Discord*. You can also suggest new things to add like characters (and their designs), music, places etc. And yeah, I made a fucken discord for this game. And yeah it does contain swear words. Please don't tell my mom.

It's not like I want to know your opinion on the game, b-baka

You know that I made a survey about the dating sim, right, you d-dummy? It's here if you really want to give me feedback on the game. Hmph, idiot! I will slam your head against the wall until there is nothing left.


  • 4 main, dateable characters
  • 3 side dateable characters (more in the future)
  • 8 endings (more in the future)
  • A lot of locations (more in the future)
  • Inventory system and items you can give to characters
  • In-game notebook  with character info
  • A short halloween special
  • penis
  • actually no there is no countryhuman penis (you horny cunts) but there is the word penis

I hope you enjoy the game, have fun

[v0.9 update]

*If the link doesn't work inform me, you can do so here - johns emazing films#6419

Install instructions

What is up, chodesters, this is XxxKillerMattyBPatterson420xxX and today I'll be showing you how to install 'Countryhumas - Dating Simulator', the gayest game on this gay ass planet.

If you are on PC just download it (obviously) and then right-click on the folder 'Extract All...' and choose your folder. Then you can play the game freely.

If you are on Mac then ur a loser lol jk just double click on the zip file or something I don't own a mac computer.

If you are on Linux then I guess ur a loser lol seriously this time

and if you are on mobile then read the linux one HAHA YOU'RE A LOSER TOO


If you are updating the game then download it like you normally would but this time delete the old file. Old saves won't work on it anyway.

Don't move the EXE file out of the folder, then the game won't work. If you want to make a shortcut right-click on the exe file and then choose 'make shortcut'.

If you have problems go over to my Discord and go to #help so I and some other cunts there can help ya.


CH-DS 0.10.01 PC ver. 192 MB
CH-DS 0.10.01 Mac ver. 174 MB

Development log


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This game was awesome (and Canada was adorable!!!), but I can't seem to get Canada's good ending, I always get rejected T^T 

I followed the guide there was on how to end up with who, but I still fail... Any precisions?

(2 edits)

Hey, can I request something? How about added some of ASEANs at the game as dateable characters? Especially the Rice Gang (Indonesia, Malay, and Philippine).

(Sorry for bad English Q^Q)

And by the way, how to date Germany?


I love canada to death :


Who else thought canada was cute Or is it just me W A

I can't get the good ending of usa :(





thank you bro

(1 edit)

but i want kinda yandere one make one of character became yandere so it more exciting you know

Which country should be yandere?



This game is very cool and wonderfull. thx too for update :D

thanks bro

I LOVE this game!!
TYSM for updating :D!

thank you


I don't really know anything about Country Humans, but I just wanna say that I loved this game.

It was very well made,


it had JoJo References.

Thank you for making this masterpiece.

thank you joe joe mama kujo

(1 edit) (+1)
It was awesome but can you make a yandere country? I mean it will be better. ım sorry if this too much QWQ

nah dude its fine, if you have discord you can suggest what country should be yandere, if not you can suggest here too


what country should be yandere

Hm... I think russia should be the yandere 'cause he has problems in game. You can make his problems worse


um hamantha on the wall checkkkkkkkkkkkkkk


(1 edit) (+1)(-1)

Ay so, this isnt playable on iOS right? Can you please make it playable on iPads and iPhones cus i really wanna play this game but it wont work.


i really liked this game and the art is really great :')


Hello! I really liked the game, I reminded me of Doki Doki literature club, anyway, I wondered if you could try to make an apk to be able to also play it on your cell phone/tablet



it wont let me download- it says forbidden or something

if you have discord you can join and people on the discord can help


Hi!this is really great!
i loved the game so much
i showed for some of my friends, everyone plays one route
we make fun of some parts but we really liked
I really hope the game one day will be complete (don't do like Yandev, and don't finish the game for 6 years IS A JOKE take your time bro
maybe one day i make a video (bc i really want-) 
i will play every new demo and every thing! 
just it :³ bye

thank you fren and I WILL FINISH


i have an idea-

How about making a character like a yandere (like monika of ddlc) 

the character would be Spain or Groenland :p

Just a idea- 

do it if you want lmao

sure, but why greenland/spain


This is a great game play! May i suggest new routes? Such as a blast to the past and the player has the choice to either be sent to ww1, ww2 or present time. A lot of people like the older characters such as Austria-Hungary or USSR. Now I get the whole problem with the Third Reich and Soviet Union but you could always leave a disclaimer that these characters are involved in the game. You can also use an x for the swastika and just a yellow dot for the Soviet. Also props to you because this game is amazing!


very cool, short but entertaining, but question (order), i demand john's route

hot lemon route is good idea


Oh i have an idea. Howa bout you make an DLC where it is in the past. So Russia is USSR, Finland is Finland, America is America, And Canada is Canada.... So only one new person. Or you could have like. Third Reich, Japanese Empire, Kingdom of Italy, And USSR in a DLC or something. That would be a good idea. But what do i know? I just play games. You do you comrade.


That would be interesting but not for a dating sim, you know, especially when it comes to dating Third Reich, USSR and people like that


Well... Just give a warning or just do what everyone does when drawing Third Reich. Just make a Plus sign and USSR... I don't know. But not all of the Countryhumans fans like Finland, Russia, America, Or Canada. Yes alot do. But there are those kind of people who like the older Countrys. Like me. I like USSR. (I'm a big history nerd and i mostly learn about the Soviet Union/USSR) But don't let people who hate that stuff knock you down. You're letting the hate get to you. If you love what you're making. Make it. Doesn't matter if everyone hates it. Make what you love. But what do i know? I just play games. You do you comrade.

This game is very cool ;)
I wait a new update

Thanks dude and I'm working on it

how to translate into Brazilian Portuguese and that I'm from Brazil and I need to translate all the time

The game doesn't have any other language versions other than English, I might work with some people to make other language versions someday


The game was amazing! I really enjoyed playing it, keep up the good work^^ I also couldn't stop laughing at some germany scenes lol


I love this game! I did all the routes expect for Italy, it seems like i can't romance my own country no matter  how many times i try ahahahahah

I'll make his route better in the next version - also im glad you like the game


I got the germany and the japan route (along with the main 3) but i cannot seem to get the italy route! am i dumb or


I also couldn’t get Italy 😔


there 4 main characters and yeah italys route is not fully finished yet but ill do my best to deliver it quickly


this is honestly a guilty pleasure of mine--

we need sweden and poland to be dateable i love them


YES, we need them


i made an account just to say, this is amazing and i love it :)

im glad you do :}


hello back to say

you are ebic

no u r



no u



rong u


*gasps* i have been outplayed

but like you are ebic by default


Wait so is it possible to get Italy? I can’t figure out how to get him


aaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAh the game is amazing thank yuo!1!1! i love the art style and the meme referencesss :)))  since ive finished all of the routes im going to cry until another route is released keep up the good work comrade


Thank you dude im glad you enjoyed the game


I'm sad cuz I can't confess to Germany cuz he's not the main character :(
but I really like your game, keep it up!

actually you can he's one of the dateable side characters - japan, italian and germ


(1 edit) (+3)

Uk is kinda hot


Im just saying


who are you


Lemon Juice





how dare you


This game is amazing and all, but I have some questions. 

1. what are the items in your inventory 4???

2. how come  finland's bar won't go up??? When I played, It only went up when I did russia's route. When I tried what u advised in the walkthrough it didn't work 4 me


1 - I'm confused, what do you mean by that? You can give them to characters on certain occasions.

2 - It's glitch, I'll fix it. You get the reputation points, the bar just doesn't work


YOU CAN GIVE THEM GIFTS ON CERTAIN OCCASIONS?!?!? I've tried so HARD to find out how to.... T-T


like in the simulations, Hetalia.




who doesnt


never thought i'd catch myself playing a dating simulator about country humans. . .

The game is amazing tho-

glad ya like it budday


Hi, this game looks really fun and really good but I'm having big difficulties downloading it. Is there any video or place that can help me out with it? ;-; I really wanna try and play that game :<


hop onto the discord, we can help u there

(2 edits) (+2)

Could we have like room for us in game? So we can invite  one of countries to our rooms?  By the way nice game, it's  was pretty cool.  sorry for my bad grammar by the way-.

hmm i might add that someday

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